Cellular Cryoesthetics® - an Innovative Swiss Skin Care Concept Cryos (Greek): Cold

Cryo esthetics is an advanced age-prevention system that uses the benefits of freezing-cold temperatures to prevent and combat the signs of premature aging of skin tissue.

The daily three-step regimen begins with a gentle deep-cold facial massage using the Cryoglobe® stored in a freezer (between -18°C and -30°C or 0 F° and -22 F°). It smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles, tightens pores, and restores the skin’s softness, clarity, and luminosity.

Step 2 consists of applying the Cryostick®, a 100% natural, frozen solution containing purified water and an exclusive blend of freeze-dried plant cells: Acerola Secrets and Gatuline Lifting. The patented Cryostick® helps the skin absorb these precious active ingredients and preserves them without using chemical additives.

In step 3, the beauty regimen is completed with the application of a CRYOS® moisturizer containing plant extracts and plant stem cells.

CRYOS® skin care creams are conditioned in special MAGNETIC JARS®, a unique patented preservation system through a container-integrated magnetic field. This technique, invented by Dr. Raymond BONTEMPS, is exclusive to CRYOLAB laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland. Swiss Made – Our Commitment

As a Swiss company, Cryolab continues the long tradition of Swiss-made products: breakthrough innovation, safe top quality ingredients, and particular attention to detail. We strive to bring the best, the latest, the most effective, and the healthiest products to our customers.