Dr. Raymond BontempsDr. Raymond Bontemps

Ingénieur INPI,
Holder of 20 International Patents

Since the beginning of the 20th century numerous scientists have been conducting extensive research into the aging process of human skin tissue and the ways to significantly slow it down. Dr. Alexis Carrel, (1912 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine) discovers that whenever older cells come into contact with younger ones, they begin to vibrate in unison with the latter. They are reprogrammed to act like younger cells. Dr. Bontemps’ discoveries originate in the statement that the vibratory code of living cells is different from their genetic code. All cells have their unique oscillation frequency. By vibrating, groups of cells come into resonance with each other.

In 1986, in line with this revolutionary discovery, Dr. Raymond Bontemps opens The Cryolab Laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland where he develops and perfects CRYOS® beauty care products. This novel Swiss skin care line combines the stimulating effects of freezing-cold temperatures, the power of plant extracts, and a unique patented preservation mode through a container-integrated magnetic field. The results of Dr.Bontemps’ work have initiated a new era of natural cosmetology, highly effective and free from chemical additives.

Basic principles

1. The Benefits of Freezing Cold – CRYOGLOBE® & CRYOSLIM ROLLER - Exclusive to CRYOS®

Freezing-cold temperatures trigger microcirculation in the skin and have been used for years in professional beauty salons as an effective skin-firming treatment. Our CRYOGLOBE® for the face and CRYOSLIM ROLLER for the body (kept at -20°C or -4°F) contain special patented liquid that allows an hour-long ice-cold massage. Thanks to Dr. BONTEMPS’ innovation, anyone can now have access to the tools of cryoesthetics, or ice-cold beauty treatment, until now available only in professional beauty salons.

2. Cryostick® – Our Plant-Based Creams – Exclusive to CRYOS®

Acerola Secrets and Gatuline Lifting are the core ingredients of the CRYOS® line. Continuing Dr. BONTEMPS’ research, Cryolab has been actively collaborating with leading Swiss scientific laboratories. Cryolab has recently enriched its product line with the exclusive addition of six plant stem cells: argan, sequoia, blue lotus, barbary fig, raspberry, and tomato.

3. Our Special “Magnetic Jars”– Exclusive to CRYOS®

Dr. BONTEMPS also perfected CRYOS® product packaging. Magnets within a double –sided jar create a constant magnetic field that allows CRYOS® creams to be preserved without using potentially harmful chemicals.