CRYOS® cosmetics developed by CRYOLAB are the result of cellular research conducted by Dr. Raymond Bontemps. They are plant-based and complimentary of cryo esthetics. Since the creation of CRYOLAB SA in 1986, we have continuously invested in research and development in order to improve our range of products and our concept of ice-cold beauty care. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the integrity and quality of the ingredients we use, which are extracted from carefully selected plants. At CRYOLAB, we believe in the potential nature has given us and are committed to respecting this valuable resource. We strive to offer our customers products that will meet their highest expectations.

Our products are not tested on animals; they are free of parabens, fragrance and alcohol. Clinical tests conducted on volunteers of different skin types and ethnic backgrounds guarantee our products’ universality.

Swiss Made – Our Commitment

CRYOS® skin care line is p in Switzerland and adheres to the strict regulations of Swiss Made. As a Swiss company, CRYOLAB continues the long tradition of Swiss-made products: breakthrough innovation, safe top quality ingredients, and particular attention to detail. We strive to bring the best, the latest, the most effective, and the healthiest products to our customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding our range of products.