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  • CHF 99.00

    All skin types Used when frozen for invigorating, roll-on facial massage Improves microcirculation and helps cellular active ingredients to better nourish skin tissue Smoothes out lines and wrinkles Tightens pores Reduces facial redness

    CHF 99.00
  • CHF 94.00

    Nourishing and regenerating 12-hour long intense hydration guaranteed Skin appears smoother, brighter, and more even-toned thanks to several active ingredients and three plant stem cells: argan, sequoia, and blue lotus.

    CHF 94.00
  • CHF 149.00

    All skin types Used frozen, improves skins elasticity and firmness Regenerative properties Blemish-fighting properties Gives skin a healthy glow Each set contains: 1 dose of freeze-dried Acerola Secrets and Gatuline Lifting powder, 2 vials containing purified water, an empty container.

    CHF 149.00
  • CHF 299.00

    Anti- Aging Treatment for the Face Hydrating, nourishing, and regenerative properties

    CHF 299.00
  • CHF 90.00

    Fights the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area Regenerating and hydrating Barbary fig and raspberry stem cells Acerola Secrets, Gatuline Lifting, and other active ingredients

    CHF 90.00
  • CHF 43.00

    Multi-action: toning, purifying, refreshing Soy extract, provitamin B5 Barbary fig and raspberry stem cells Essential oils

    CHF 43.00
  • CHF 298.00

    Anti-Aging Treatment - Refills 3-month supply of Cryostick® freeze-dried Acerola Secrets and Gatuline Lifting. Container not included.

    CHF 298.00
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items